Barb Swartz-Biscaro

Lead for: Financial, Marketing/Social Media/Story Teller, Development/Visionary

“To each their own and to thine own self be true.”

– Shakespeare

About Me

I am a wife, mom of 3 step-mom of 4 and grandma of 4. My passions lie in supporting people through self discovery and growth, as well as supporting people and organizations to ensure they are providing truly person-centred services in all areas of human service.

What others like and admire about me

  • I am organized and resourceful
  • I am thoughtful and supportive
  • I am willing to share stories
  • I am honest
  • I am creative

Whats important to me

  • Family time with Mike, Jordan, Aaron and Logan on weekends
  • Blended family gatherings with Mike, Tash, Melanie, James, Mitchell, Katie, Mathew, Aidan, Morgan, Bridgit, Brooklyn,Taylor and Morgan as many times a year as we can, going for walks in our bush as a family
  • My dog; Dexter and having chickens on our farm.
  • Spending time on my deck and pool enjoying the view of our home
  • Annual trip to Sol Cayo Guillermo, Cuba in February
  • Having my cell phone attached to my hip
  • My two cups of coffee every morning
  • Connecting with colleagues as often as possible so I feel motivated and part of a team
  • Keeping a good balance of diet, exercise, work, family, meditation to maintain my mental health
  • Opportunities to be creative in work, freedom to explore, create and experiment
  • Watching Nascar at my parents house on Sundays
  • Extended family gatherings twice a year in Niagara
  • Celebrations with family on holidays, gathering at my parents home or my home and laughing

How to best support me

  • Please connect with me if you have questions or are needing support from me
  • Feel free to challenge me, be open and honest
  • Know that I am flexible and open to new ideas, let’s be creative together
  • I communicate much better in writing, my words often get jumbled or I can’t think of the word I am looking for. Please be patient and ask for clarification or to put it in writing
  • I need 5-10 minutes to process information and formulate questions, never expect me to ask for clarification immediately after a conversation
  • Please try to meet deadlines as set, I procrastinate big time but will always meet deadlines and need that from others as well to keep me on track
  • Please send me information to prepare for meetings, training, travel etc as soon as possible so I can feel prepared
  • Working in isolation is very difficult for me so connecting often is very helpful
  • I am a visual and experiential learner, I need to experience things or see them graphically in order to grasp the concept, reading comprehension is not my strong suit