Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches is a flexible, innovative, and affordable resource to coach your teams to put person-centered thinking into practice. A library of structured exercises to be facilitated by team leaders.

Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches consists of 15 person-centered activities that will help you and your team practice and explore person-centered approaches. Each practice only takes 15 minutes, with a scripted activities that reinforces your understanding of person centered thinking skills. You choose how many, how often, and in what order.

Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches includes person-centered concepts, principles and materials used with permission from The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices.

How Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches will help people thrive:

Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches helps managers, professionals and their teams to learn how to implement person-centered skills confidently and effectively.

With Team 15 you can “do more with less” and stretch your training budget so that it is sustainable and makes the biggest impact.

Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches

This online resource provides:

  • Ready to use coaching kit for team leaders
  • Reinforcement to sustain person-centered thinking skills
  • Support for team members to feel more confident using person-centered approaches
  • Time efficient and convenient resources

Here is how you can bring Team 15: Person-Centered Approaches to your organization :

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