The HSA family

Here you can learn more about other initiatives created by Helen Sanderson Associates that are having a positive impact around the world.


Wellbeing Teams

Wellbeing Teams are a radical new model for delivering care and support within communities. They are self-managing teams; and they work towards three goals: ensuring that people are safe and well, supporting people to do more of what matters to them, and helping people to stay connected to others and their community. Learn more at


Community Circles

A Community Circle brings two or more people together around someone who wants a little help to make a change in their life. That change can be anything – from getting out and about more, to starting a new hobby or restarting an old one, or creating opportunities to spend more time with friends or family.

Community Circles is a non-profit organization helping people to be happier, healthier and more connected with the support of their community. Learn more at


HSA Online Learning

We have developed a range of online options to support colleagues using flexible, innovative and affordable learning solutions. Find out more by exploring the different online learning options available to you at HSA Online Learning.


Think About Your Life

Think About Your Life is a web community for living life on a cancer or chronic health journey. Learn more at


Progress for Providers

The Progress for Providers Series are a range of simple self-assessments to enable providers to deliver more personalized services. Learn more at

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100 One-Page Profiles

100 one-page profiles and their stories; from birth to end of life. Follow the individual journeys of people who use services, families, and staff, across education, health and social care. Find out how one-page profiles can help change relationships, as people learn what is important to each other, and increase choice and control, by helping to deliver personalized support.