Helen has  written and contributed to a wide range of books and publications on person-centred change, health and social care, and social justice; many of which can be purchased at the online shop.

Helen Sanderson Publications

Person-Centred Thinking with Older People : 6 Essential Practices (2015) By Helen Sanderson, Helen Bown and Gill Bailey.

The Individual Service Funds Handbook: Implementing Personal Budgets in Provider Organisations (2014)
By Helen Sanderson and Robin Miller, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Making Individual Service Funds Work for People with Dementia Living in Care Homes: How it Works in Practice (2014)
By Helen Sanderson and Gill Bailey with Lisa Martin, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Person-Centred Teams: A Practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation Through Effective Team-work (2014)
By Helen Sanderson and Mary Beth Lepkowsky, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Personalisation and Dementia: A Guide for Person-Centred Practice (2013)
By Helen Sanderson and Gill Bailey, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Personalisation in Practice: Supporting Young People with Disabilities through the Transition to Adulthood (2013)
By Suzie Franklin and Helen Sanderson with a foreword by Nicola Gitsham, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Creating Person-Centred Organisations (2012)
By Stephen Stirk and Helen Sanderson, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

A Practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation – Person-Centred Practice in Health and Social Care (2012)
By Helen Sanderson, and Jaimee Lewis, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Making It Personal – for everyone. From block contracts to Individual Service Funds
By Steve Scown, and Helen Sanderson, HSA Press. 

Getting a Job, Getting a Life and Getting it Right – 6 ways to support young disabled people into work (2011)
By Nicola Gitsham, Helen Sanderson, Linda Jordan, Jamiee Lewis and Freya El Baz, HSA Press. 

Making It Personal – a provider’s journey from tradition to transformation (2010)
By Steve Scown and Helen Sanderson, HSA Press. 


In Community (2009)
By Carl Poll, Jo Kennedy and Helen Sanderson, (Eds) HSA Press. 

Celebrating Families (2008)
By Helen Sanderson and Maye Taylor, HSA Press. 


Developing Person-Centred Approaches in Schools (2007)
By Pippa Murray and Helen Sanderson, HSA Press

Person centered thinking with older people  (2007)
By Helen Bowers, Gill Bailey, Helen Sanderson, Lorna Easterbrook and Alison Macadam, HSA Press. 

Person-Centred Practice for Professionals (2007)
By Jeannette Thompson, Jackie Kilbane and Helen Sanderson, Open University Press

Essential Lifestyle Planning for Everyone (2005)
By Michael Smull and Helen Sanderson, HSA Press

People, Plans and Practicalities (2003)
By Peter Ritchie, Helen Sanderson, Jackie Kilbane, Martin Routledge, SHS Ltd – Edinburgh

Friendship and Community (2002)
By Jo Kennedy, Helen Sanderson and Helen Wilson, NWTDT – Whalley

Essential Lifestyle Planning: A Handbook for Facilitators (2001)
By Michael Smull and Helen Sanderson, NWTDT – Whalley. 

People, Plans and Possibilities (1999)
By Helen Sanderson, Jo Kennedy, Peter Ritchie and Gill Goodwin, SHS Ltd – Edinburgh.