Alyssa Santa Cruz

Program Administrator, Training and Event Coordinator, LMS Lead

“We keep moving forward—opening up new doors and doing new things—because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”
~Walt Disney

About Me

I am passionate about supporting the learning and development of others by helping them find the “why” behind their work. I have a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and have worked in secondary and higher education as a career specialist, trainer, and community leader. I love connecting with others and supporting their growth by creating innovative, engaging content for a variety of learning styles.

What others like and admire about me

  • I have contagious positivity and optimism; you will never find me without a smile on my face
  • I am knowledgeable about my field and eager to share what I know with others
  • I listen to others without judgment and lend any support I can
  • I will find a way to reach a dream, challenge, or accomplishment that is important to me

Whats important to me

  • Helping others and inspiring positive change in world around me
  • Engaging with people from different backgrounds and sustaining inclusivity in every space
  • Supporting a welcoming community that fosters connection and collaboration
  • Injecting a healthy dose of humor and fun into everything I do
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends every day
  • Maintaining balance in my life by exploring my passions (reading, archery, baking, and anything Disney!)

How to best support me

  • Provide constructive feedback for my personal/professional growth as well as affirming my contributions and accomplishments.
  • Allow me space to explore, be curious, and find new ways to approach problems
  • Establish time to collaborate with others and build connections within our team/community
  • Remind me to stay grounded in the present if I get lost in the big picture of possibilities
  • Create opportunities for learning by sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences with me, I am a life-long learner!