Presence to contribution

This is a way of having a conversation with someone you support, or working together with a team, to find ways to enable the person to be part of their community.

It enables you to record what the person is interested in (or take this from their one-page profile), what it means to be present for an activity and what they could do to contribute to it more fully.

What it does

It asks people to think about the places that are important to them, where they go now and how they can develop these interests further. This helps us to think about possibilities in the future and plan actions to make positive change, supporting someone to be a contributing member of their community.

How it helps

It provides a structure to think about what a person does on a day-to-day basis, so that we can see opportunities for them to make new connections, meet new people and contribute to the community.

Use it now

You can download a PDF of the Presence to Contribution tool here to see how it looks, or start using one today with this free template.

Learn More

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