Decision making profile

The decision making profile creates a clear picture about how a person makes a decision and how they want to be supported in decision-making. It can be used alongside the decision making agreement to help people to have choice and control in their lives.

It describes how to provide information in a way that makes sense to that person, this could be how they want you to structure your language, if they want written words, symbols or pictures or perhaps an audio format.

It breaks the decision making process into 5 sections:

  • How I like to get information
  • How to present choices to me
  • Ways you can help me understand
  • When is the best time for me to make decisions?
  • When is a bad time for me to make a decision?

When you are completing a decision making profile with a person look at their one-page profile and communication chart. See what these tell you about the best times and ways to support the person to make a decision. Talk to the person and those they know well to check this information with them and add to it. It might help to think about a decision the person has had to make in the past and then think about what worked and what did not work for them about how they were supported.

How it helps

Together, these sections help us to support a person to understand choices that are available to them and make informed decisions. This is invaluable when thinking about consent and capacity.

Use it now

Download a decision making profile template to give it a go.

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