Communication Chart

This is an essential tool to use when people don’t communicate with words.

It is also important to use when the ways that people communicate with their behavior are clearer than the words that they use, or when what people say and what they mean are different. In our experience, most people could benefit from a communication chart.

What it does

It helps us to focus on what someone is trying to communicate, whether they use words or not. It is easy to assume that someone doesn’t have much to say if they rarely speak, but it isn’t the case. This person-centered thinking tool helps us to find other ways of communicating well together.

How it helps

It ensures that people are understood. This is so important, especially for people who rely on others for support. Having the power to communicate and be understood is central to people having choice and control in their life.

‘Everyone who is dependent on others for support has an especially critical need to have his or her communication understood’
– Michael Smull

Use it now

You can download a PDF of a Communication Chart here to see how it looks, or start using one today with this free template.

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