Compassion@Work is a practical program to help you and your team bring more compassion, connection, well being and resilience to the workplace while also being more self compassionate. 

Compassion@Work  brings together current learning on self-compassion and compassionate communication, that will equip you with 15 Compassion@Work Practices.

These practices will change how you care for yourself and each other bringing more compassion to your work-life.

How Compassion@Work will help people thrive:

Our 15 Compassion@Work Practices will enable you to set boundaries, help you change how you respond to others’ behavior and let others affect you, how you speak to and treat others, and how you speak to and treat yourself. We will show you how to use these practices and create personal Action Plans.

Compassion@Work Training Program

During this program participants will:

Practice and learn to apply 15 compassion practices, including:

  • What’s the story I’m telling myself
  • Recognizing feelings and needs
  • Empathy and compassion in emails, texts, messages and reports
  • Showing up with compassion in online meetings
  • Compassion in challenging conversations
  • Compassion in getting and giving feedback
  • Ways to ask for what you need
  • Empathy guesses
  • Celebrating and recognizing strengths and successes
  • Meaningful appreciation for others
  • Connected Gratitude practices
  • Calming your inner critic
  • Body feelings scan
  • Soothing touch strategies
  • Affectionate breathing

How HSA can deliver the Compassion@Work training program

Four weekly 3-hour sessions, followed by a 5th final session a month after the 4th session, all done via Zoom.
This training is only offered remotely.


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