Building authentic relationships with one page profiles in the classroom.

Recently a friend shared with me that she had been asked to become the new 5th grade teacher at the school where she has been working as an academic interventionist. … Read more »

HCBS Community of Practice Winter Spring 2024 Sessions were a hit!

  As we conclude this latest series of HCBS Community of Practice sessions, we want to express our gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the Regional Centers (San Gabriel Pomona… Read more »

Reflections on the Person-Centered Thinking Trainer Candidate Journey

It is no small commitment to choose to become a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer! At HSA USA We have the honor of mentoring these hardworking, dedicated, and compassionate people. We were… Read more »

How can we communicate better with a person’s family and friends?

One of the most difficult decisions I made as a parent was choosing the nursery for my first daughter Ellie. I started by asking friends for recommendations. Then I looked… Read more »

Small changes and big shifts

Over the last month I have posted about why we were considering Teal, how we decided to ‘go Teal’ and our first meeting Tactical Meeting. The true test of any purported change… Read more »

Trying tactical meetings: a confession

I am starting with a confession: I am not always a model student! I attended an excellent course on Holacracy to experience the two types of meetings that are critical to being… Read more »

Transition to teal – becoming a self-managing team

Brené Brown describes waking up with a ‘vulnerability hangover’ the morning after giving her powerful TED Talk on shame and vulnerability. I too experienced some sort of emotional hangover the… Read more »

Towards Teal?

My Tuesday evening routine includes a call to Susan in New Zealand. We have been exploring a process called Working Out Loud. I love books and am always interested in… Read more »

Feedback Famine and Feast

Over the last four weeks I have given feedback on over 120 projects as a coach for Seth Godin’s radical course, the AltMBA. I completed the course as a student at… Read more »

The first one-page profile – why, how and when

In 2004 my daughter Laura was six years old and came home from school in tears. This led to the first one-page profile, and I found myself sharing this story with… Read more »