Make Planning Fun and Meaningful

  Yes! You can have FUN and still gather important information!            As a service coordinator, planning facilitator, case manager or service provider, making certain that the planning experience is enjoyable,… Read more »

Person-Centered Discovery as an invitation to show up in your work, not just “at work.”

I have discovered that bringing my whole self to work is a conscious choice I make each day, an invitation I choose to accept or decline every time I wake… Read more »

Person-Centered Thinking: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

  In the contemporary workplace, the narrative is shifting from mere productivity and output to creating environments where employees not only excel but also feel genuinely valued. A major catalyst… Read more »

Compassion – One love note at a time

Shannon created Love Notes. I received my first Love Note from my friend and colleague Eric, at a retreat. The Love Note wished me luck with Wellbeing Teams. In August I… Read more »

Recruitment: what should we measure?

Yesterday three excellent candidates accepted the roles of Community Circle Connector and Practice Coach. The recruitment workshop was a powerful experience. People left wanting to keep in touch with each… Read more »

Technology, relationships and community- where to advertise your jobs

Two weeks ago I was expecting to be part of a Compassion Lab with Mary Freer in Australia. Instead, I found myself on the receiving end of compassion, after my sister, Wendy died. Wendy,… Read more »

Could this be you? A fresh look at person specifications

I am recruiting new Wellbeing Teams in Wigan in two phases. I am starting with the Practice Coaches, the Team Coaches, and the Community Circle Connectors, who will be supporting… Read more »

How can we attract Generation Z into care?

When I first heard about the different Generations I was suspicious, it sounded like mass stereotyping. When I heard Simon Sinek blame parents for their role in creating Generation Y I was… Read more »

If Zappos did homecare would it look like this?

A little over two weeks ago I did one of the scariest things I have done all year. I was in the US, with nearly 200 of my peers from… Read more »

Getting skin in the game- starting a provider organisation

Abhishek’s blog crystallised something that I had been feeling but had not been able to articulate as clearly as he did. Over the last two years I have been a… Read more »