HCBS Community of Practice Winter Spring 2024 Sessions were a hit!


As we conclude this latest series of HCBS Community of Practice sessions, we want to express our gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the Regional Centers (San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center, Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, and Westside Regional Center) and their incredible providers as we explored HCBS Quality Requirements #1 and #8—focusing on community access and activity schedules where we were able to connect the HCBS requirement with real-life experiences of vibrant communities and individual autonomy.

Here are some of the topics we dug into and highlights of our time together over the past three months:

  1. Defining Community

Exploring the essence of “community” sparked rich conversations among participants. Recognizing its personal nature, we found a common thread: community is where individuals feel connected, safe, and acknowledged. It’s the space where genuine relationships flourish, shared interests thrive, and a sense of belonging is embraced. Our shared goal is clear: to cultivate this type of community for all people.

  1. Mapping Our Neighborhoods and Communities

Collaborating closely, participants explored innovative ways (using mapping apps) to map their communities. The process was both informative and fun. We were able to identify key points of interest and places for organic connections, not connected to ‘services’.  Participants realized that community mapping can indeed be a simple yet powerful tool.

  1. Connecting People, Not Placing

Recognizing the importance of time in fostering trust, we acknowledged that connecting people to their communities involves more than just physical placement; it’s a journey that requires intentionality. Using Presence to Contribution created a space for participants to visualize and capture what is needed for meaningful contribution. We were able to recognize and highlight the often-overlooked steps essential for someone to become a contributing member of their community, and appreciate how these stages might be simple and are also essential to the process.

What amazing and committed groups of people! We are looking forward to continuing our learning together, knowing that our collective efforts can ignite meaningful change.

If you are a service provider in one of the participating regional centers (SGPRC, ELARC, WRC, SCLARC) we would love to see you! Contact Alyssa@helensandersonassociates.com to learn more and to register to attend.