Progress for Providers  is a facilitated process to check your organization’s progress in using person-centered approaches and create an action plan for continuous quality improvement.

Progress for Providers is a practical self-assessment tool that can be used individually and with a team. The person-centered approaches outlined in each section suggest steps taken by many organizations to create environments in which people can thrive, employees as well as people who receive long term services and supports.

How Progress for Providers will help people thrive:

Using person-centered approaches helps people with disabilities to have more choice and control in their lives. The suggested steps help staff to provide the best support they can in ways that reflect what is important to the person receiving support.

Progress for Providers facilitated assessment

During this assessment participants will:

  • Work alongside people you support to check areas of progress and identify top priorities for change
  • Learn with and from others who are also on a journey of personalizing services and supports
  • Receive facilitated support and coaching to implement action plans for change
  • Experiment with innovative approaches in small pilot testing
  • Share stories of what has been tried and learn with the broader community

How HSA can deliver Progress for Providers

Delivered in a series of 3-hour remote sessions over a period of several months. The frequency and duration will be determined with the participating organization.

Here is how you can bring Progress for Providers to your organization:

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