Compassionate Communication will help build a vocabulary of feelings and needs and learn foundational compassion practices.

Compassionate Communication will explore the impact of the pandemic on interactions with co-workers and people you support and their families. these are your internal and external customers.  You will practice empathy mapping and learn ways to emphasize the relational over the transactional– in person and virtually so that your efforts are increasingly compassionate, focused, efficient, and effective.  

How Compassionate Communication will help people thrive:

This practical program will help you reconnect with strategies for listening to understand and communicating with empathy. We will explore the difference between transactional and relational conversations and practice how connecting on an emotional level first can help us in having our personal and practical needs met.

Compassionate Communication Training

During this program participants will:

  • Become aware of the challenge of differentiating thoughts and feelings and where this disconnect comes from
  • Learn the difference between transactional vs relational interactions and explore find ways to balance both
  • Explore Self-Compassion by identifying and asking for what they need in challenging conversations
  • Practice three core components of empathic listening: pausing, paraphrasing, and reflecting feelings
  • Learn and apply the four-steps of compassionate communication, including observation, feelings, needs, and requests

How HSA can deliver Compassionate Communication training

This training is offered remotely in two different formats.

1:  This session offers a deep dive  with plenty of time for learning and integration.

  • One 90 min manager session to provide an overview of the learning program and tips on how managers can support the implementation of the practices.
  • Two 3hour sessions for up to 20 people per Learning GroupParticipants will apply principles and practices in small learning groups of 35 people.
  • All materials supplied digitally 


2: This is an abbreviated session that does not include the manager coaching and  focuses on learning about compassion principles and practices.

  • One 4hour session for up to 30 people per session.
  • Participants will learn principles and practices in small learning groups of 35 people.
  •  All materials supplied digitally 

Here is how you can participate in Compassionate Communication training:

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