Planning Live is a fun, engaging, high energy way to bring people together to collectively create a plan to help a person live the life they want to live, with the focus on the individual and their strengths, dreams and goal.

Planning Live is an inclusive and engaging series of conversations that brings the people who are important to a person together, either in-person or remotely, to listen to what is important to them and discuss a range of options that result in desired outcomes and a “perfect week” on which to base the planning of the person’s support and, if applicable, individual budget.

As a Planning Live facilitator you can support those who use long term services and supports to develop innovative and unique plans while providing a clear understanding of any supports needed from all parties involved in a person’s life.

How Planning Live will help people thrive:

  • Gives people an opportunity to bring everyone around them together to work as a team towards their individual goals and aspirations
  • Can be delivered for multiple people at once, enabling cross-pollination of ideas and energy
  • Is structured to move from innovation and ideas through to clear actions and plans that make them a reality
  • Provides guidance for those who want to develop their own person-centered plan or facilitate the planning process with others

Planning Live: Person-Centered Planning Facilitator Training Program

During this program participants will:

  • Explore Person Centered Planning- Principles and Approaches
  • Practice Facilitating five phases of person-centered planning: Pre-planning, Discovery, Positive Change, Outcomes and Actions, and Supports and Spending Plans
  • Develop meaningful outcomes and actions using the Outcome Sequence and Support Sequence
  • Write a plan summary, try graphic recording, and develop spending plans

How HSA can deliver Planning Live: Person-centered planning facilitator training program

Modules are designed to review person-centered approaches and experience the Planning Live process while completing with a partner your own person-centered description, personal outcomes, actions, and needed supports. Weekly coaching sessions will focus on additional practice and a deeper dive into planning topics. H S A will facilitate the planning sessions and provide feedback on individually developed person-centered descriptions/plans.

  • Cohort meets for 15 weeks
  • Participants can expect to invest approximately 4-5 hours each week, including course time, coaching time, and individual and partner work
  • As a participant, you will develop and receive coaching and feedback on three person-centered plans – one with a partner in the course, one from a provided scenario, and one with someone you support
  • Weekly 3-hour remote instructional session plus a 90 min community of practice
  • The time commitment is the equivalent of a two-week immersive program spread over three months to maximize learning and opportunities to practice and receive feedback
  • We will use Zoom and Slack to stay connected and share information

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