Working Together for Change is a person-centered process of listening to what people are saying about their lives and the services they receive and to think about the changes necessary for them to get more of what’s working in their lives, and to change what’s not working.

Working Together for Change is a 7-step process of information gathering, analysis and action planning to create a clear plan for moving forward. It uses person-centered information gathered to determine next steps for people. The process includes input and participation of family, friends and service providers as well as other stakeholders where applicable.

How Working Together for Change will help people thrive:

This process is driven by information provided by people who are supported by human service organizations. Through analyzing this information and creating appropriate action, the people most affected are driving the outcomes and actions thereby determining their own path for the future.

Working Together for Change

During this program participants will:

  • Learn what people say is working and not working in their lives
  • Learn what people would like to see in the future
  • Participate in the analysis of the information gathered to determine priority areas of focus and understand root causes of what needs to change
  • Identify what success would look like
  • Create an action plan for implementation and review

How HSA can deliver Working Together for Change

This workshop is delivered over 2-days. During this time we will engage in facilitated strategic thinking with all stakeholder’s to analyze the information gathered. This results in an action plan that clearly identifies the path to be taken for each person. It is a collaborative process that ensures every stakeholders voice is heard, primarily focusing on what people would like for their future.

This can be held in person or remotely.

Here is how you can participate in Working Together for Change:

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