Essential Lifestyle Planning


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By Michael Smull and Helen Sanderson with Charlotte Sweeny, Louise Skelhorn, Amanda George, Mary Lou Bourne and Michael Steinbruck

In this book we focus on facilitators developing plans with people who use services.
A person-centered planning process is:

  • Respectful.
  • Where time and effort is spent to ensure that the ‘voice’ of the person is heard.
  • Where there is a focus on learning what is important to the person in how she or he wants to live, what is important to those who love the person, and any issues of health or safety (from the perspective of the person, rather than any service received or from a person’s paid support.

The resulting plan is a written description of what is important to the person, how any issues of health or safety and risk must be addressed, and what needs to happen to support the person in their desired life.

165 pages

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