Creating Positive Actions Using the Support Sequence provides a more creative approach utilizing all of the natural supports available to us first.

Creating Positive Actions Using the Support Sequence explores 5 possible support networks in sequence with paid support being the last option. It starts with looking at the person’s skills and strengths, moves to exploring assistive technology, family and friend networks, available community supports, and finally eligibility specific supports.

This approach ensures that people have opportunities to be as independent as possible, build reciprocal relationships while achieving a good balance of supports where needed.

How Using the Support Sequence will help people thrive:

  • The process encourages as much independence as possible
  • Ensures people stay in control of their lives
  • Celebrates personal strengths and assets
  • Supports building or maintaining reciprocal relationships with family, friends and community members
  • People are known, noticed and missed in their communities because they access community resources just like everyone else
  • There is a good balance of support as desired and needed

Creating Positive Actions Using the Support Sequence

During this program participants will:

  • Learn creative approaches to idea generation
  • Explore possibilities within communities
  • Learn tools to explore personal strengths and assets
  • Explore available assistive technology options
  • Learn how to explore relationships with people
  • Identify necessary supports and matching information

How HSA can deliver Creating Positive Actions Using the Support Sequence training

This can be delivered as an addition to the Writing Person-Centered Outcomes session or a stand alone session. It is also included as part of the content for Planning for a Good Life and Planning Live Facilitator training. This can be deliver in person or remotely.

Here is how you can participate in Planning Live: Person-Centered Planning Facilitator training:

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