Planning Live is a fun, engaging, high energy way to bring people together to collectively create a plan to help a person live the life they want to live, with the focus on the individual and their strengths, dreams and goal – UK Programme. 

Planning Live is an inclusive and engaging series of conversations that brings the people who are important to a person together, either in-person or remotely, to listen to what is important to them and discuss a range of options that result in desired outcomes and a “perfect week” on which to base the planning of the person’s support and, if applicable, individual budget.

If you use support services, or you are a professional, carer or family member wanting to develop more person-centred support plans in the UK, then this workshop is for you. It can be used with adults and with young people.

How Planning Live will help people thrive:

  • You want to learn how people who share their home and support want to use their resource allocation to personalise this.
  • You want to support people to use their resource allocations as ISFs.
  • You want to develop your own support plans with others who are doing the same thing.
  • You want to support young people to plan their transition into adult life.
  • You want to ensure that you involve children, young people and their families in developing their Education, Health and Care plans in an inclusive and meaningful way.
  • You want to increase aspirations and help people think of creative ways of delivering outcomes.
  • You want to increase the capacity of young people and families to develop and maintain their Education, Health and Care plans over time.
  • You want to find an efficient approach to develop plans at scale.
  • You want your own staff to be able to facilitate Planning Live workshops

Planning Live Programme:

During this program participants will:

  • How to use the ‘What’s Working/Not Working’ person-centred tool.
  • Developing decision-making and community connecting tools to ensure a person-centred approach.
  • How to identify what support people have from their own networks and community as well as what provision is needed from services.
  • How to identify who has the responsibility for action, as well as how the person’s personal budget or Individual Service Fund (ISF) can be allocated if they have one.

How HSA can deliver Planning Live: Person-Centered Planning Facilitator training programme

Modules are designed to review person-centered approaches and experience the Planning Live process.

  • As a number of online facilitated workshops.
  • As a mentoring programme to build capacity to facilitate the workshops from within your organisation
  • We will use Zoom 

Here is how you can participate in Planning Live:

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