Personalised Care and Support Planning is  workshop, designed to give you an introduction and overview of care and support planning and its role within the self-directed support process. To be able to facilitate care and support plans with people. UK Programme

Personalised Care and Support Planning Person-centred thinking and planning are fundamental to great care and support planning. Within the context of personalisation, a Care and Support Plan describes how a person is going to spend their budget and how this will achieve their goals or outcomes.

If you want to deepen your understanding of the process of care and support planning in relation to the self-directed support process. You might be a care manager, social worker, health professional, advocate or support worker based in the UK. 

How Personalised Care and Support Planning will help people thrive:

  • Ensuring that we get to the heart of what really matters to people, and that we use this information creatively to inform the best possible solutions
  • Helping to think through the different options available to them, so that we can be confident that we are using available resource in the best possible way
  • By giving the individual more of say, leading to increased choice and control over how they live their life – which is a fundamental principle of personalising services

Personalised Care and Support Planning Training Programme

During this programme participants will:

  • Exploring in-depth the role of care and support planning within self-directed support in health and social care.
  • How to use person-centred thinking tools to gather information for a Care and Support Plan.
  • How to make a robust Care and Support Plan.
  • The different ways of developing a Care and Support Plan.
  • How to be creative in the way we deliver the support wanted and needed.
  • How to create contingency plans and manage risk.
  • How to review progress and capture learning.
  • If the person has a long term condition, how they can manage their long term condition and ‘self-care.’
  • The roles and responsibilities of those developing Care and Support Plans.
  • How to develop person-centred outcomes using The Outcome Sequence

How HSA can deliver Persoanalised Care and Support Planning training programme

  • Online via Zoom. The number of workshops required will depend on the experience and knowledge of participants taking part.
  • As a series of one-to-one planning sessions to develop your plan.
  • As a live online planning event for people to develop their own support plans (through Planning Live).
  • As a training and mentoring programme to build capacity to facilitate the workshop from within your organisation.

Here is how you can participate in Person-Centered Approaches for Healthcare Decision Making training:

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