Person-Centered Thinking Train the Trainer Programme- UK

Person-Centred Thinking Train the Trainer 
HSA can certify you to become a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer. A Mentor Trainer certified by The Learning Community For Person Centered Practices will provide remote mentoring, coaching and observation for Trainer Candidates to learn to deliver PCT Training. Trainer credentialing for Person-Centered Thinking is available to people who have completed Person-Centered Thinking training and are using person-centered thinking skills and approaches in their work to support people

This programme is for Practitioners, team leaders, managers who work in health, education, social work, or social care based in the UK. Participants will need to have opportunities to practise using the tools personally and/or professionally, to develop their experience and to build a portfolio of examples. (Whilst beneficial, experience of facilitating group training is not essential).

How Person-Centred Thinking Trainer certification will help people thrive:

This programme is designed to provide instruction, support, practice, observation, and feedback to those learning to facilitate workshops and train others. Participants will develop their understanding of how to use person-centred practices and use these approaches to plan and deliver person-centred support. Participants will be accredited to train others in using person-centred practices.

Participants will learn how to deliver the course as either face to face or online training.

Person-Centred Thinking Train the Trainer Programme


Accredited trainers receive a certificate of accreditation in the facilitation of training in Person-Centred Practices.

Accreditation is in the form of a quality standard; it is not a qualification or registration.

How HSA can deliver this training

The program is delivered via Zoom, Slack and Mural applications. It includes: attending the Person Centred Practices course (four sessions), followed by seven online instructional, interactive workshops.

Each participant is then required to deliver the training online, co-facilitating the training in a pair under the mentoring of the facilitator from Helen Sanderson Associates. Pairs will remain the same throughout the programme.

Here is how you can participate in a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer Certification:

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