Person-Centered Thinking USA is a way for you to support people that puts them at the very heart of all the decisions that affect their life; turning their preferences into meaningful change.

Person-Centered Thinking Tools and Approaches have been developed by the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices and Helen Sanderson Associates and have been used across the world for over 20 years. They include one-page profiles, the ‘Working/Not Working’ tool, understanding what is important to and for someone, relationship maps, decision-making agreements, and communication charts. You can learn more about the individual tools here on our website or at

This training is recommended for everyone involved in supporting people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental health needs, and others who use long term services and supports. If you work in a support role, this will help you to understand what is important to the person to be happy and content, and what is important for them to be healthy, safe and have valued roles in their community. 

How Person-Centered Thinking will help people thrive:

Person-Centered Thinking can be used with individuals, families, teams, and organizations to:

    • Move away from an inadequate ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to support
    • Give people more choice and control over their lives
    • Enable people to identify what really matters to them
    • Create an action plan to make it happen
    • Improve the way your teams work with each other.
    • Foster a culture of respect, trust, and partnership within organizations
    • Encourage continuous learning
    • Highlight people’s skills, needs and values to foster equality and a shared vision

Person-Centered Thinking Training Program

During this program participants will:

  • Develop skills in person-centered thinking through remote discussions, applied stories, and guided exercises
  • Learn the benefits of person-centered descriptions and one page descriptions
  • Practice person centered thinking skills with a partner to create their own person-centered description and one-page description
  • Learn how to apply person-centered thinking practices to make a positive difference in people’s lives

How HSA USA can deliver Person-Centered Thinking training program

This remote version of Person-Centered Thinking Training will be instructor-led and interactive, using Zoom videoconferencing. The course includes six (6) 3-hour modules (USA).

Participants must attend all sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

To participate in this remote course you will want to make sure you have access to the following:

    • Computer with reliable internet
    • Webcam so you can see and be seen by others
    • Computer speaker and microphone (headset or earbuds are recommended)
    • Ability to access (videoconferencing app)

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