Writing Person-Centered Outcomes is essential to successfully achieving them. Too often we set broad goals with an unclear rationale. Person-Centered Outcomes are developed through the Outcome Sequence which acknowledges individuality at every step.

Writing Person-Centered Outcomes using the outcomes sequence is a structured way of discovering and recording the true outcomes a person desires.

It is a 7 step process that begins with understanding who the person is and what they aspire to do in their future, what’s happening in their life currently, prioritizing the areas of life that need some change and determining outcomes from what is learned.

Outcomes are written very specifically and with a level of detail that ensures concrete steps can be taken. Outcomes are checked to see how well they match with what we know about the person’s preferences, needs and aspirations.

How Writing Person-Centered Outcomes will help people thrive:

  • People are in control of the outcomes that are created
  • Helps people to move toward outcomes that are desirable to them
  • Supports people to take meaningful steps toward the life they want
  • Regular follow up and accountability is built in

Writing Person-Centered Outcomes Training

During this program participants will:

  • Learn about the 7 step outcome sequence and how to use it to create meaningful outcomes with people
  • Practice using the 7 step process to develop, write and analyze outcomes to ensure they match the person’s person-centered information
  • Brainstorm creative ideas to implement the outcomes created

How HSA can deliver Writing Person-Centered Outcomes training

This can be delivered as an addition to the Creating Positive Actions Using the Support Sequence session or a stand alone session. It is also included as part of the content for Planning for a Good Life and Planning Live Facilitator training. This can be deliver in person or remotely.

Here is how you can participate in Planning Live: Person-Centered Planning Facilitator training:

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