Person-Centered Approaches Trainer Certification Canada is an opportunity for person-centered thinking champions to become certified to deliver the person-centered thinking curriculum to groups in person or virtually.

Person-Centered Approaches Trainer Certification process is an intensive process working with a Mentor trainer to deeply understand, practice and deliver the 2-day curriculum and the tools and skills included within.

Trainer candidates who meet the requirements of the process receive certification to deliver the training and become a registered member of The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices.

How Person-Centered Approaches Trainer Certification will help people thrive:

    • Trainers share the value of person-centered thinking tools and skills with teams, large groups and individuals which increases the opportunities for the tools/skills to be used to help people have better lives.
    • Trainers educate those in support roles to use approaches that help them discover more about people and help them have more choice and control in their lives.

Person-Centered Approaches Trainer Certification

During this program participants will:

    • Work with a mentor trainer to create an individualized training plan that suits the needs of the trainer candidate and meets the requirements of the process
    • Participate in and observe the training delivered by a mentor trainer 2 times
    • Deliver the full 2 day curriculum 2 times with mentorship and feedback from a mentor trainer
    • Practice using the tools/skills and compile a portfolio for feedback
    • Receive regular mentor support to ensure comfort and confidence with the process

How HSA can deliver Person-Centered Approaches Trainer Certification:

This training is delivered only in Canada and  can be delivered in a variety of ways and time frames built to suit the individual or organization

Here is how you can participate in a Person-Centered Approaches Trainer Certification training:

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