Creating One-Page Profiles provides understanding and guidance around how to create a detailed description of a person and how best to support them around a specific purpose.

One-Page Profiles are a great way to share a summary of who you are and what support you need in a specific area of life through three clear elements: what others appreciate about me, what is important to me and how best to support me.

The purpose of the profile determines the information that is included. A one-page profile for a doctor will look very different from a one-page profile for an employer. We can have more than one profile based on the areas of life that we feel we would benefit most from sharing one.

How One-Page Profiles will help people thrive:

When completed with detail and purpose one-page profiles provide:

    • Critical information to appreciate others
    • Create conversations and support people to be successful in varying area of life
    • Enables supporter to provide a personalized approach to supporting people
    • More dignity, choice and control
    • Improved quality of life

Creating One-Page Profiles

During this program participants will:

    • Determine the purpose for the one-page profile
    • Participate in interactive activities that will help explore the information to be added to the three sections of the one-page profile
    • Learn how to ensure there is enough detail and specifics to make the profile meaningful

How HSA can deliver Creating One-Page Profiles:

This can be delivered in a variety of ways and time frames built to suit the individual or organization.

Here is how you can participate in a Creating One-Page Profiles training:

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