Community Connecting sessions give you the opportunity to learn more about what connections a person might like to build in their community, and then think creatively about how to make it happen.

Community Connecting gives people the chance to think about what else they might do to build resilient networks of support that are not reliant on a service-customer relationship.

Services can provide useful supports for people, but real life doesn’t exist purely within that framework. Instead, this process can build two way relationships based on contribution, trust and mutual connection.

How Community Connecting will help people thrive:

  • Supports people to build resilient networks of support that are outside the traditional framework of services
  • Enables people to build real, human connections that matter to them
  • Reduces loneliness and boredom
  • Increases a person’s sense of agency, personhood and self
  • Gives people an opportunity to contribute, increasing feelings of self-esteem and wellbeing
  • We are better able to thrive when we’re connected to others and able to contribute to our communities

Community Connecting

During this program participants will:

  • Learn how to explore the persons gifts, interests and passions in the community context
  • Explore ways to identify what is available in communities
  • Learn how to match the person to the available options
  • Practice evaluation tools and explore ways to increase the changes of successful and sustainable connections

How HSA can deliver Community Connecting training

Community Connecting can be delivered as a stand alone 16-hour program that can be delivered over two or more days. 

This program is currently being delivered remotely.

Here is how you can participate in Community Connecting training:

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