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Making It Personal – a provider’s journey from tradition to transformation (2010) By Steve Scown and Helen Sanderson, HSA Press. 

What does it take to make change happen? Big change? Since 2008, Dimensions has been grappling with the challenge of delivering personalised services. Leaving aside the debate about the future of residential care, they decided to transform their organisation into one that responds flexibly to individuals with a budget who want bespoke support. Dimensions felt that if they did not consider and respond to the shift in power from the professionals to the customer, they would not survive.

Many providers are dealing with the same issues. But the question that remains unanswered at most events for providers is, “How do you do this?”

Dimensions has taken significant steps towards working this out. They started by taking an honest look at where they were, using the providers’ self-assessment tool Progress for Providers. I then spent six days (over eight months) to take their leadership team on a real-life customer journey, from their first contact with someone through to ongoing reviews. We were lucky enough to have the perspective of one person and her family – Jennie – to help Dimensions to see in more detail exactly what they needed to change.