Helen Sanderson Publications

Creating Person-Centred Organisations (2012)
By Stephen Stirk and Helen Sanderson, Jessica Kingsley Publications. 

Strategies and Tools for Managing Change in Health, Social Care and the Voluntary Sector. By Stephen Stirk and Helen Sanderson

Person-centred thinking and planning are approaches that give people using social care and health services the freedom to plan their future, with a personal budget and the right to commission personalised services.

Creating Person-Centred Organisations is a guide for organisations who want to deliver personalised services. Key issues covered include attending to the vision, strategy and business planning of the organisation, as well as organisational processes, culture and managing changes. Drawing on the pioneering work of major social care charity United Response, the authors provide a wealth of practical tools and techniques to enable organisations within health, social care and the third sector to use person-centred thinking tools and approaches to move towards becoming person-centred organisations.

This is an essential guide for managers and leaders within private, statutory and voluntary organisations.